Welcome to the West Orange Website! Here you will find lots of exciting features, games to play and activities of all kinds to occupy your time.*

So, why not cancel that holiday and sit back, relax and enjoy the magic that is The West Orange Website? Simply click on the links above to go on a wonderful journey of discovery* where you will find all kinds of exciting new adventures,* make new friends and, who knows, maybe even uncover the secret of life itself!!!**

West Orange Recording Studio is owned and run by Alan Gregson† from a large and spacious complex of studios* in Preston, Lancashire (that's in England).† Established for over 15 years, West Orange has produced records for some really famous artists and many more for not famous ones.

But, throughout it all, we've had a right good laugh,††

*This is a lie
**This is highly improbable
†This is true
††This is mostly true

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