West Orange Recording Studio was born in 1990 in Preston, Lancashire where it remains to this day.

The name (and I'm writing this here so that I never, ever have to tell this story ever again) comes from a town in New Jersey USA in which Thomas Edison set up the very first celebrity recording studio. Throughout the nineties West Orange was home to a multitude of artists (well, not home - but some did actually sleep on the floor) of all different flavours and backgrounds.

One early band was called The General Havoc who played lawnmower and guitars. They later became Cornershop and sold hundreds of thousands of records worldwide. The lawnmower was put out to grass. Sorry. We started with a 16 track tape machine, a strange but beautiful Dutch mixing desk and an incredibly powerful computer (80Mb hard drive and 20Mb of RAM) which we gradually upgraded over the years (it's now a 100Mb hard drive (that's a joke)). Nowadays it's all done with them computers (see the equipment page if you really want to know) which has made things a lot quicker and easier. And those flying faders never fail to please the easily pleased. And me.

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