Pro Tools Recording System
with 32 inputs and up to 64 tracks.

Plug-ins include
amp simulators, reverbs, flangers, choruses, auto-tuners (should anyone ever need such a thing) and all kinds of weird and wonderbra effects that haven't even been thought of yet.

Vintage TAC Scorpion Mixing Console
for a warm analogue sound.

Loads of outboard including
Avalon valve compressor, Alesis and Yamaha multi-effects, Aphex Aural Exciter with Big Bottom, AKAI sampler etc.


Grand Piano, Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ and some vintage keyboards just waiting to come back into fashion.

Guitar amps
by Marshall and Peavey.

Mics by Neumann (U87), AKG,
Sennheiser and Beyer

Beyer headphones,
Tascam DAT, Cassette (?!)
and headphone amp.

Tannoy, Mission & Auratone Monitors and Quad and Technics power amps.

Loads of percussion. Go mad.

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